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What is Block Academy?

Block Academy University is a premier Web3.0 trading Academy.

How Does it work?

Users sign up for the Block Academy e-learning platform to access a variety of trading content. Topics will range from NFT Trading, analysis, leverage trading & more.
Beginner courses are provided free of charge! Other courses are paid.

What are the goals of Block Academy?

To help novice traders greatly increase their monthly income.
To educate investors on topics that are of interest to them.
To expand the knowledge & skillset of investors.

What is the utility?

The utility is the Learning Management Platform (LMS) & The Block Academy produced content.

What is a Learning Management System?

(LMS) A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that is used to implement & assess a learning process. It is used for e-learning practices. An LMS provides instructors with ways to create & deliver content, monitor engagement & assess the performance.

Is the University exclusive only to holders?

The University is available to:
- Non-holders that access the course via the freemium model.
- Holders of the NFT who pay via discounted price.

What are the benefits of the NFT

- Up to 50% Discount on any services, including platform subscription.
- Earn $LEARN token which can be redeemed at the Academy store.
- Staking for token rewards.

Why launch an NFT collection?

The NFT collection allows Block Academy to raise funds that will be used for the development & scaling of the platform. Our long-term goal is to become a platform where creators within the ecosystem are able to sign up, publish and monetize their courses.